We also rent Tentsile tents to our clients. If you would like to experience camping feeling by Tentsile you can rent a tent from us. 

Rent for 2 person tent for one night is 30 €
Rent for 3 person tent for one night is 45 €

Just send us email with dates you wish to rent a Tentsile tent or call us.

Tentsile hotel

Tentsile hotel is service that accommodates people in Tentsile tents to sleep in the air. Tentsile hotel comes to your chosen place and can accommodate up to 35 people. Best chose for extreme camping or having the best tent experience in the world!

We will come to your chosen place and set up the Tentsile hotel and accommodate you.

You can also rent a sauna.

For more information about Tentsile hotel please contact us by email

Tentsile hotel